Third party developers on our store page; V-Ray no longer available as a product

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Third party developers on our store page; V-Ray no longer available as a product // Announcements

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Post by TomG // Jan 7, 2009, 7:04am

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Hello all,

First, we're adding third parties onto our Store page. The first round of updates should be live soon! Note we are NOT reselling, we will simply direct visitors to the third party developer's own site or store, which means they handle all upgrades, charging, etc, and keep all profit to themselves.

We do feel that with the work going into tS these days, we want to give those developers a good chance to be seen - after all, not everyone reads the forums, or searches TurboSquid!

I invite those not on the page already to get in touch with me and I'll see to getting them added. I wanted the first batch out quick though so that people could see what we have in mind, so please don't take offence if I didn't get around to you this first time around!

Also note that we'll be putting third party developers onto our "half banners" on the home page too (the four banner items on the right of the main body of the page). So we hope to give them lots of exposure, hopefully increasing their sales, downloads and reputation.

We also plan to add a page for each developer over time, so that you will get more visibility on the Caligari site than a short paragraph and single image. Again though we didn't want to wait in getting this new policy started, so we're going with what we have first and continually updating as we go from now!

Next, it's with regret that we have to inform everyone that V-Ray for trueSpace is no longer available for purchase. Sales had to be discontinued at the end of last year, and we cannot continue to offer it as a product this year due to the lack of demand in terms of sales numbers.

This is unfortunate, but in today's financial climate it is one of those decisions that has to be made. Hosting a product for sale does cost money in many ways and that means a certain return is required, and V-Ray sales were not meeting that expectation in recent times.

The web site will be updating within the next few hours to remove V-Ray as a product. The V-Ray course will still be available however, so existing owners still have that to call upon.

Do note that sales already stopped on January the 1st, so no "last minute rush" to grab a copy is possible - we're just making the announcement today now that we've had time to update the site accordingly. We can't comment on the longer term, eg will V-Ray ever be available again - not something we can discuss just now, as we have to focus on the present realities and like so many areas in life just now, only time will tell how they work out in the long run.


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