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Basic box to start you along // Tutorium Requests

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Post by kena // Aug 6, 2008, 5:22am

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I've seen a few complaints that the most basic stuff is not provided in the tutorials, so I made this quick video


Post by trueSpaced // Aug 6, 2008, 5:41am

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Good video :) It actually taught me a couple of things lol :p


Post by Steinie // Aug 6, 2008, 5:42am

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Nice going Kena.

Two thoughts while watching.

You may want to consider the fact 90% of tS users don't have VRay.

Maybe take this a step further and discuss basic UV Mapping.

This should help new users getting their feet wet.

Post by kena // Aug 6, 2008, 6:56am

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well.. I wanted to start basic small steps. You are right about not having v-ray and I probably should have mentioned it. doing uv-mapping is a bit more advanced, but I can certainty add a video for that tonight.
or, if someone is handy with their TS and wants to add it to this thread - please do so.

Post by kena // Aug 6, 2008, 3:11pm

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OK - going to do a basic UV tutorial here. The TS UV editor is not the best in the market, but you CAN work with it.

This one is a bit less than 5 min in length. You get to hear me ramble on!

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