Make a wall and cut an opening

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Make a wall and cut an opening // Make a wall and cut an opening

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Post by kena // Jul 18, 2008, 5:14pm

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This tutorial is how to take a cube - make a short wall on top of it, then cut out a couple of sides so you can put something like stairs or a ramp leading up to the top.

1) Select the top face of your cube and extrude it

2) Make the Z equal to the original face and re-size the x and y slightly in.


3) Extrude again

4) Sink the extrusion by the same amount that you shrunk it in step 2 - Make sure that the x and y are reset to the same as they were. (this will make the top and side of the wall of equal size)


5) Use the edge loop tool to create two new loops at the general area that you want to define your opening


6) Using edge select and your <ctl> key, select the 3 outer edges and Match them to the top edges (MATCH to what is SET)


7) Create an edge loop parallel to the top of your cube

8) Make it match the z-height of your inside face

(This makes the outside height of your wall equal to the top and inside)


Post by kena // Jul 18, 2008, 5:20pm

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9) Switch to face select - select the faces of your "wall" and delete them.

(Make sure to delete where you outlined, not the sides you want to be there.


Use the Polygon Bridge tool to create new faces:

10) Select the tool

10a) Select the first side of your new face.

10b) Select the second side of your new face.

10c) Select the tool again, and you create the bridge.

11) Do the same with the other open faces.


You are now finished and can add stairs to the top of your cube, or just add a ramp if you like.

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