Title: two horses scripted to chess

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Title: two horses scripted to chess // Title: two horses scripted to chess

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Post by Emma // Jan 26, 2007, 10:52am

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There was complaints by Beta team member about me speaking german which upset me quite deeply,as it would appear to me tasting like kind of ideologyc racism. As a german I'm in deep respect to those who lost their life when such a situation would overflood germany and so I'm very sensible for this. I don't fight because arguments are needless there but I redraw and so I deleted any entry of me in this forum knowing it degraded me from senior to junior member. I hope it gives you an impression how seriously I take it and I also do stay to it.

Now I've been talking with Norm since I couldn't delete the entrys here in the tutorium that are already locked. After his arguments I must say, Norm isn't just an administrator, there is also kind of a philosopher hidden in him. He convinced me to continue and so it happens today after I sayd this. Please don't put any coments to this in any postings to this tutorial because this forum is for truespace. Everything is said and case shell be closed now.

This tutorium is an example how to get data from a text file and use it to get some action into a truespace scenery.

Attached is a PDF manual that goes through the scripts. All scripts are enclosed and also some txt files. I'm using intensiv comments inside the cript code. Tutorial starts with small sample below


and gets extended to kind of a chess replayer that can be fed by a txt file with the corresponding data format which is used in chess games, like a1-a2 Final player scenery looks like this


But there is still a lot waiting for expansions. So I'm not satisfyd for example with the delay mechanism and several other things, but it's just the basics, scratching a little bit on them as Norm often says. Hope it helps some of you to get more into scripting.

Viel Spass !
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