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CY Awards Winners 2010
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Presenting the winners of the 2010 CY Awards held on November 13th.

2010 CY Award Winners
1. Best Build ~ Winner Veger's Mars Central
2. Best Event ~Winner- SkiRascal for AWReunion
3. Best Leader ~ winner- Woody.
4. Best Bot Design and Software ~ Winner ~Hyper Anthony for Ultimate AW User Guide
5. Best Community or Town ~ Winner~ Class 3 for AWMix07
6. Best Interactive Game ~ Winner ~ Rozmere for "Weir City: Ryefield Foundation" formerly Rozmere's Gamefest 25 World
7. Best Presentation ~Winner- Bach Zhaa and CAnn for Spirit Finale
8. Best Website ~ Winner- Tunablues for
9. Best Effect ~ Winner- Bach Zhaa for Spirit Show
10. Best Environmental Design ~ Nursemom for AWReunion
11. Best Object Design ~ winner- MaxPoly for his kitchen set
12. Best World ~ winners- Starheart for Mythopia
13. Write In ~ Winner~ Starheart for Best Modeller

Spirit Awards

Lifetime Awards
Class 3

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