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Hot Air Balloon Festival

Schedule and Description

Start Time
Nov 11, 2017, 12:00pm VRT
3:00pm 10:00am
End Time
Nov 19, 2017, 12:00pm VRT
3:00pm 10:00am
AWReunion 152.43S 36.83E 0.90a 236
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The Hot Air Balloon building contest will run from November 11th - 19th and will take place in the world AWReunion. Please join us in having some fun while folks build their mover balloons. The contest aspect of the event consists of two categories, standard and custom,in which the first and second place winners of each category will be awarded cash prizes. First place $50(US), second place $25(US) in Paypal transfer or AW credits. Details pertaining to the contest can be found at the build site. Please contact Bach Zhaa, Maxpoly or any of the other world caretakers to claim a build spot. Judging of balloons will take place after Noon on the 19th (VRT time) and the winners will be announced during the community meeting. Lift off for a tour with all the balloons will follow completion of the meeting. *Volunteers will be there to help create movers, if you have never done so before,and assistance will not be deducted by the judges when scoring. This contest is for all to enjoy and socialize. We will have music hosted by RJB radio and Virlands. Hope to see you there!
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