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Post Industrial Ghost Story

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Oct 1, 2018, 12:00am VRT
3:00am 10:00pm (Sep 30)
End Time
Oct 31, 2018, 12:00pm VRT
3:00pm 10:00am
aw 1583s 3221e
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A Post Industrial Ghost Story in Alphaworld.

Just in time for halloween there is a ghost story built in to alphaworld at 1583s 3221e. The characters there have a tale to tell if you mouseover them, all about an ecological disaster that has afflicted them. They will tell you more if you click them. Should you decide to venture in to the disaster area you may find pages from the team leader's journal that will tell you more if you read them by mouseover. Put the pieces together to make a ghost story one clue at a time. I will post the entire story here along with an epilogue that explains the "story according to me" on October 31st.

I would like to acknowledge that the original concept came from SW Interactive, as built by Baro. Having said that, this is not the SW City build. Only the original layout and atmosphere remain. It has been rebuilt and repurposed for an original story. No SW Interactive spoilers here!

For those wishing to see the original, I encourage you to register for SW Interactive, and find a shady character in the back alley behind a shop called "L's Peep Show" in South East Zelena Capital City. Play through the adventure there and it will lead you to the original version. I found it a very satisfying experience.
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