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MD's Return Party

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Start Time
Mar 12, 2019, 8:00pm VRT
11:00pm 6:00pm
End Time
Mar 12, 2019, 11:30pm VRT
2:30am (Mar 13) 9:30pm
aw 2946S 3683E
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Hello folks of AW! I will be hosting a party of my own on March 12th. This party will symbolize my return to AW after playing in the past during 2011 when I had played and explored around making memories and adoring great built places until my citizenship ran out I had stopped. In the present day I have returned due to the strong nostalgic pull and memories that I have made in AW, and I will be active as much as I can for quite awhile! This party will be held at 2948S 3684E behind the house. There will be live streamed music using YouTube, and a link will be provided when it begins. Although if anyone would like to volunteer to be the DJ instead please don't hesitate to contact me! It will make things easier on my end. But I thank you already for the nice welcoming friendly community and I hope to see you all there, and maybe some familiar faces too!

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