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Fort Mason
Fort Mason in Active Worlds aw
2439s 3635e
By Syntax
Neanderthal's Residence
Neanderthal's Residence in Active Worlds aw
74n 7681w
By Seiya
Mondary Village
Mondary Village in Active Worlds aw
1486s 4682e
By Syntax

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Activeworlds universe statistics - Uni 2H
Activeworlds universe statistics - Uni 5 Days Activeworlds Resource is no longer maintained as of 2010 and remains for archive purposes only.
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Welcome to is the award winning community & business website for all aspects of the Activeworlds 3D browser technology including citizen profiles, news and object searching.

In addition to being an official reseller we also offer external commercial services relating to Activeworlds such as world hosting and bot design at highly competitive prices.

The Latest News

For Those Returning... (Dec 21, 2010)
AWPortals has compiled a mass of helpful resources for returning users to get back into the swing of things!

All Citizens and Worlds Renewed to January 4 (Dec 21, 2010)
As the year comes to a close, all Active Worlds citizens can come together once again! Active Worlds Community Liaison Tom (Flagg) has announced that all expired citizens and worlds have been renewed through January 4, 2011.

CY Awards Winners 2010 (Nov 14, 2010)
Presenting the winners of the 2010 CY Awards held on November 13th.

Chat Viewer now available (Oct 31, 2010)
The former live logging feature on has been relocated to a new home in the root as a reflection of the archives section no longer describing its purpose.

Activity Points - The Player's Guide (Apr 12, 2010)
Rules, Information and Prizes on AWTeen Activity Points and AWTeen Activity Ranks.

ActiveWiki - Conduct Policy Requires Community Feedback (Apr 11, 2010)
A new conduct policy on the ActiveWiki requires members of the community to vote for or against it.

New MMORPG Looking for Developers (Mar 19, 2010)
A new MMORPG is coming to the Activeworlds universe and it's not just another role-playing game - but it needs the help of committed citizens to help reach release.

Weekly Roundup - March 20th, 2010 (Mar 19, 2010)
Weekly round-up of news from the Activeworlds community universe for the week ending March 20, 2010. Includes closing hosts, there users, RPGs, AWGate modifications, browser builds and various community announcements.

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