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so i take it

Jun 26, 2001, 12:20pm
so i take it this is to be a any post goes ng?
ie people can post test messages with out some one freeking out kind of sim
to this one heheh :)

hmm hope is ok to post a url for my site feed back on ssite welcome

Jun 26, 2001, 8:54pm
Just thought id post the url for my site basicly it covers any and all types
of games rpgs sims etc right now the majority is rpgs.
The over all theme of the site is id guess youd call it a compileation of
guides that have been wrote for difrent games over the years where most site
are didicated to one game or series of game mine will cover all games i can
find guides for (also will ecept user submited guides if they are something
i my self would use).
Any how with to keep this post from becomeing long winded heres the url.
any and all feed back welcome also check out the forums i have set up make
sugestions in other words new forums you think you should be there a guide
for a game you play etc.
o yeh thanks facter aw etc for a general forum is much needed

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