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terry kafader

Mar 16, 1999, 10:44am
Well,,, one thing would be that when new objects do become available, they are
zip separately and put on the web as new objects for a certain period of
time...that would sure make things easier for those of us who have our own
object paths not having to hunt and download each object.

[View Quote] > It been a while since I've seen new objects for AW on the wishlist - I'm
> curious what sorts of new things people would like to see in AW?
> What would make the AW object libary more useful? What types of objects
> ought to be added or altered? What objects are useless (if any?).
> Also, I notice that many objects come with a LOT of different textures,
> although in practice only about 1/4 of them ever get used. For example the
> "walk" objects come in about 25+ different textures, although only a few of
> the variations ever get used. (probably because the other textures don't
> look as good). What would be more important, more texture choices, or more
> shape and size choices?
> Don't worry - I am not proposing massive changes for Alpha, I'm just trying
> to get a feel for what makes a building world "great", and what will keep
> builders engaged and excited. I've gotten some good input from several
> friends so far, but wanted to put it to the community and see what everyone
> has to say. :)
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