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jfk2 builder

Aug 14, 2001, 1:02pm
Don't feel too bad.... I'm really DUMB there.... All i care about
is that when my BlackIce tells me i've been hit with a DDOS and it
dosen't seem to bother my running computer connected to the internet in
any way.... BUT it does seem to bother what i'm connected to a
little [shuts them for a few]... Ohhhhh well..... as long as i'm
running my LeechFTP program.... It just keeps knocking at their door
every 20 min until it gets let back in to complete what i told it to
fetch. With all the other running programs.... It depends... [Maybe
that is why i've killed off the stupid can't connect sound alarms]

"builderz" <sawran at> wrote in
news:3B713B3B.7185BB85 at

> Well, excuse me, Mr. Genius. =P I was close. The buffer has to be
> stored *somewhere*, and I thought system memory played a role in the
> equation.
>:) *goes back to reading "Buffer Overruns For Dummies"*
> Builderz
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