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Dec 22, 2003, 1:38am
let the people look at whatever they want, let the people pretend to be
whoever they want. i say as long as the truth is out there, just move on


Dec 22, 2003, 1:47am
Matts statments are slander, as they are untrue. Anyone wishing for a look
inside my computer telegram me and I would be happy to show you. As I said
before, hes just pissed i found out that he was using the webspace I gave
him for trojans and that I killed the account. I wonder whats next? "OMG
Ep0ch has a nuke in his backyard!"


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Dec 22, 2003, 2:24am
But Ep0ch wasnt it me who was under the same attck you are claiming to be
under at this time? Remeber the incident in Spiral Matrix where everyone was
laughing at M A T T email bombing my email server?
It appeared to me that you were BEST friends with M A T T and the chat text
posted from SM even showed everyone who read it just that!
If you haven't gotten my point yet, how deos it feel to be on the shitty
side of the stick?
As for me leaving AW, I did this by choice, not because of financial
difficulties, if I was able to afford 21 cits for 2 years, I could surley
afford to renew my own.
It was my choice to leave.
MrBruce........ former aw citizen.

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Dec 22, 2003, 2:34am
Oh Jumping Jesus H Christ, I thought you were gone. Then again, like a moth
attracted to a flame, you couldn't stay away from a good flamefest could
you? Poor ENZO - he's gonna be a deleting fool come open of business

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Dec 22, 2003, 3:13am
I am gone!
I just couldn't resist a little payback to a few people pulling a little
scam on you all. If you cant see for yourself then Jesus H Christ better
help you :P
Trust me, these kids are all the best of friends outside this newsgroup.
This is just a publicity stunt they are pulling and it's not my posts enzo
will be deleting :P
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