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terry kafader

Dec 11, 1999, 11:13am
[View Quote] > Of course Americans will comment on our accent - they seem to have an inferiority complex because they only
> understand their own language while we in Europe usually speak/understand at least two languages (our own and
> English) and often three or more.

Given that the USA is one country from sea to shining sea, and Europe is a multitude of countries border to
border, it would make sense that Europeans would speak more than one. But that does not make us inferior. It
just makes us a nation of one language. Although I only speak english, many Americans speak more than one
language (Spanish, or variation, being the most popular). As for accents, most of us don't have a problem,
although we might ask one to repeat themselves once in a while, after a short time our ears become accustom to
the accent and then have no difficulty understanding .


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