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Editing materials in LE // Archive: Tech Forum

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Post by Jeff99 // Jun 19, 2008, 5:45pm

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Need help again...

I'm trying to follow a tut in the manual, I'm using TS7.51, I load a sphere into workspace, I drop a DX9 material onto it. In this case the ConstandColorMaterial (following the tut on page 85-86 of the manual).

I go to the LE, open the sphere object (click the orange square), now at the first level inside the object I see "material list" node, it is the only "node" (if that's the proper term) that has an orange square, I click on it and inside that I see two nodes: Material List manager, and one named Material. Only the Material node has an orange square. I click on that and now all I have is a node labeled "material chunk". It doesn't have an orange square, it seems I can go no further and yet I don't see the shader components so that I can edit the material.

In the manual page 86 it says, "Inside ConstantColorMaterial we find the shader components that make up the shader" and there is a picture of the shader components, but I can not find this. It is the same with all the DX9 shaders I tried. Oh, and I try "zoom to fit all" in the LE so I'm sure nothing else is there.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks... -Jeff

Post by Jeff99 // Jun 19, 2008, 5:57pm

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Opps Sorry disregard my message I found the problem, I had "materials" turned off in the Link Editor prefrences in the Settings panel.

Good now I can proceed!! :banana:

Post by frootee // Jun 19, 2008, 6:01pm

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Hey Jeff.

When you get to that last level, you should see 2 nodes. One is the Material Chunk. The other, is the ConstantColorMaterial.

If you cannot see the ConstantColorMaterial, then do this:

In the upper left hand corner of the LE, there is a white icon. Click that.

A dropdown menu will appear.

Select Arrange.

You should now see the other node, the ConstantColorMaterial node. It has an orange triangle. Click this, and you will see the items referred to on page 86 of the manual.

HTH man, and glad to see you're digging into the LE!

EDIT: DOH! Looks like you figured it out. Even Better! :D

Froo / Jason

Post by Jeff99 // Jun 20, 2008, 12:19pm

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Jason, thanks for the tip, and yes I did figure it out on my own!

I was an avid user of TS6.6 (hobbyist), and was quite frustrated when 7 came out, I about gave up on trueSpace. Then with 7.5 and the new character animation tools I decided I've got to master this thing... and only now I'm beginning to become less intimidated with the LE and DX9 materials and the whole new layout.

So thanks for the encouragement. -Jeff

Post by frootee // Jun 20, 2008, 1:09pm

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Cool Jeff.

Say, every Tuesday night we have a Scriptors meeting. It's a great place to ask questions about the LE, scripting, etc. 3DFrog also has an animators club meeting on Saturdays in the same shared space (The Scriptorium), though we can't do IK in shared space currently.

Do you know how to get into shared space? If not, here's a link with all the info you need to know:


I try to make it when I can; been super busy lately though; but there's usually a good group who is very knowledgable. Norm (the administrator) is always there, for example.

Hope to see you there!

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