To convert Cob to almost any other format

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To convert Cob to almost any other format // TS6 and Older

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Post by MikeJoel // Sep 5, 2008, 12:40pm

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Ok I am posting this here in case someone is still using an older version of TS and wants to convert a COB to something else with it's textures in tacked.

Everyone probably already knows all this but there may be someone as lost as I am with it and I figured I would save them some headaches.

First you need to find an app that will be able to read a COB file. It isn't as easy as it seems since I found a number that can read COB but won't bring the texture or UV over with it.

There are at least two great programs that will though, LithUnwrap and AccuTrans 3D. LithInwrap I believe is completely free while AccuTrans is unlimited use but they would like you to pay for it if you use it a lot (which I encourage you to do if you can). Both will read COB files and bring their UV and textures over (so far I haven't found one that will bring bumpmaps in).

No you need to fix your model up.

Your model has to be only one level deep in hierarchy any sub groups will most likely get welded together.

Also it is best to make your model "converter safe". All the meshes should be a unique name (cube,1 and cube,2 are sometimes seen as the same, while 1cube and 2cube are not), and for some conversions they must be named using 8 or less characters. Now you need to fix up your textures (this is making it safer for conversion you may be able to skip this). Make all your texture file names 8 or less characters.

Now you need to triangulate your model.

Now your set to convert. I suggest (if possible) using the luuv to convert to .OBJ. But you should be able to open the model in either LithUnwrap or Accutrans and it will still have the textures and UV. Simply save it to the format you want.

I hope this help someone else (I also hope I didn't forget something) :D


Post by Breech Block // Sep 27, 2008, 12:11pm

Breech Block
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Great info Mike, thanks very much as you've just saved me a barrel load of time and heartache. Please keep this thread updated if you manage to figure out how to transfer bumpmaps or come across any other exporting gems.

Post by MikeJoel // Sep 28, 2008, 7:58am

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I am finding that some formats don't require the names to be limited in length.

I highly recommend AccuTrans it is very nice (of course it doesn't convert to 3D Max since it is proprietary).

Post by Nez // Sep 28, 2008, 11:51pm

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Agreed - I've used Accutrans for a while, especially for converting 3ds files from the web to cob format. Some 3ds files don't import directly into tS very welll with the built in file menu (displaced parts etc) and Accutrans has always handled them fine.

Max files have always been a problem and probably always will....

Post by DanX // Nov 3, 2008, 3:39am

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Does anyone here know how to convert a .cob file that holds its animation history so that it can be imported into Vue 5 I ? Or must I keep compositing my animations in after effects? is a privately held community resource website dedicated to Active Worlds.
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