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Hello everyone // Rants and Raves

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Post by MarieBergantz // Feb 3, 2009, 5:46pm

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Hi everyone! I just thought I would pop in and let everyone know I'm not dead. I haven't been here in forever, and that's 'cause life has been hell. You know it's a sign of a bad economy when even teachers like me are loosing their jobs...well, it's not like I had a full-time job to begin with. I'm a per-diem sub and, well, school districts are cutting back, which means less days teachers are allowed to take off for personal/sick days, less field trips, and more coverages (rather then paying for a sub). So, yeah...life kinda sucks.

I dunno if I can share this, but I didn't make this in Truespace. I did this in CB Model Pro, but it's my first ever 3D figure. He needs a TON of work, and I'm planning to export him into TrueSpace and try fixing him up a bit there. He's a character from one of my comics, so I hope you like it.

Personally, if I can ever afford it, I think I might try taking some classes in this sort of thing, either through my college or through another, just for the heck of it. I like doing it, though I really suck, and it would be awesome to become a 3D artist.

So, here's Ezlo: enjoy!



Post by v3rd3 // Feb 3, 2009, 6:20pm

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hello back at ya..... :D

Post by MarieBergantz // Feb 4, 2009, 5:39pm

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^^; Hi...so how's life around here? Have I missed anything fun?
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