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Live Speed Modeling Race // Announcements

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Post by TomG // Aug 13, 2007, 10:55am

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Hi all,

This one is just for fun! As part of our Thursday Night Live meetings, we'd like to do a live modeling session, a speed modeling race that takes place right there inside the chat.

There would be two people only, competing head to head. We'll set you an object that you have to make, and you will have 5 minutes to make it, starting from a basic cube.

This will happen in front of a live audience, and we'd like some volunteers to step forward to be the first two to take part, this Thursday (16th August) at the next Thursday Night Live!

Remember this is just for fun and laughs! The winner will get a trophy added to the Thursday Night Live chat space (it will be their finished object, plus a commerative name plate!). We hope to host these each week, and if there is enough interest we could consider expanding the number of competitors in future events.

Just email me at if you'd like to take part!

For those of us who won't be racing, it should be fun to watch. For this first event we will most likely post the target object in advance, so you'll have time to figure out your modeling strategy for making it before the day. In future challenges, we may set the target just before the race begins, to raise the challenge!

For this one, watch this thread for more information on what you'll need to make in 5 minutes!


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