WANTED!! short clip tutorials !!

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WANTED!! short clip tutorials !! // Tutorium Requests

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Post by nealiosnoise // Mar 3, 2009, 1:56pm

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there is a bunch of short video clips people make and post in these forums, most of them don't have audio, but the video clips are still very helpful to alot of Truespacer's.

these short clips can cover the smallest things like " applying a texture to your object", or "how to group all your objects into one" " rigging a basic skeleton" " where to find stuff " "" using the Link Editor" the list goes an goes .......

i think a great idea would be, maybe a new forum thread somewhere,.. where people can post these short helpful clips with a good discription on what the clip is showing.

this will hopefully keep things simple, than having to download a big stretch of video to find out how to do one spacific thing. :jumpy::jumpy:

also i would like is to know what program is being used to capture the computers screen in all these tutorials..

myself and others might want to create a tutorial some day, or showoff some future modeling skills...... THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!! :banana::banana::banana::banana:

Post by mrbones // Mar 3, 2009, 6:28pm

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Post by Igor K Handel // Mar 7, 2009, 12:43pm

Igor K Handel
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Hi guys

A little input from me (and a shameless plug :p)

Currently I am 3/4 way through recording a set of video tutorials on Truespace rigging. A pretty darn thorough look at all the rigging tools and options, and how to use them. So far I have recorded 12 vids (with Audio).

I guess approx 4 more vids should complete the basic set. Each Video lasts between 6 and 15 minutes.

Once I have the set completed I plan on releasing them (for free) as my way of encouraging more would be TS character animators to have a go.

I have deliberately gone into lots of explaination and demos so that a complete novice can start at vid 1 and by the end of the series they WILL have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of ALL the rigging tools and what ALL the rigging tool options can do for them.

Whilst the manual includes vids on rigging, I have tried to cover every tool and option as a video/audio tut, hopefully filling in all the gaps the videos included with manual omit. Of course I have added in some stuff that has been learnt from experience, as well as through the manual as supplied.

Oh and you'll get to meet Sid the snake too!

End of Shameless plug !! :D

Ok my input.

Having spent an inordinate number of hours so far planning / recording / editing etc, I am planning on releasing the series as streaming vids (for free) on Revver rather than UTube.

2 reasons.

1. The video and audio quality are in my opinion considerably better than Utube.

2. Whilst I am releasing the complete series at no cost to the users, Revver pays a very (and I mean VERY) small commision for each view. The reality of me making more than a few cents is realisticly VERY low, if probable at all, but I will give it a shot.

Downside.. more than likely sooner or later someone will copy the vids over to UTube anyway, so stuffing ANY chance of making even a small return on the countless hours invested, but I can live in hope. I could thwart this at least temporarily by only releasing downloadable content zipped with a password to unzip the files. But frankly thats a pain for the user, and at the end of the day my principle goal is to encourage more Character Animators in TS, rather than kidding mself I will make my fortune and retire next year LOL

Feel free to advise or comment as nothing is yet set in stone!

One way or the other this set will be released as a complete set of streaming vids (approx 16 vids in all), and definitely for free,but if you have any input on how best to do this feel free to post opinions or suggestions!

I 100% agree with Nealiosnoise about having short sharp vid tuts on specific topics! I plan to post links with good descriptions so users can jump straight to the vid of the area of rigging which they want to know about! The links will probably be placed in the forum thread "Tutorium requests", but again I am open to suggestions/input.

Heres a few subjects covered, hopefully fitting in with the ideal of searchable snippets on specific topics

" Joint limits and how to set them ",

" A visual Tut on FK/IK behaviour/comparison in TS",

" Using the IK option; reverse IK Chain ",

" All about Dynapose "

etc etc

All the best

IK Handel

Apols for the long post.:o

Post by Steinie // Mar 7, 2009, 2:12pm

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This sounds fantastic Igor! Looking forward to them.

Post by nealiosnoise // Mar 7, 2009, 2:29pm

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Foos yeah! !! !!

Post by spacekdet // Mar 8, 2009, 7:05am

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Here comes TomG chiming in with his perennial suggestion to 'post these on TurboSquid' in ...3, 2, 1....

(and if he doesn't then I will)

Post by Mr. 3d // Mar 8, 2009, 7:10pm

Mr. 3d
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This is OUTSTANDING from you Igor !!!:cool::):banana:
I know that there are many HAPPY people out there because of this (especially including me) !!!:jumpy:

Post by TomG // Mar 9, 2009, 2:45am

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Looking forward to seeing these, and will say thanks in advance on behalf of the community who I know will love them too! Will we be able to list you on the store pages, as offering training and videos? Will you have a web page associated with these (other than the download page, a kind of general purpose page that acts as an index to all your work available, both free and commercial)?



PS - TurboSquid is a great way to share content, always useful to have something approaching a "one stop shop" for tS items to save looking across the internet for scattered items here and there. Or did someone mention that already? ;)

Post by Steinie // Mar 9, 2009, 2:50am

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...everytime a bell rings an angel gets it's wings...:p

Post by Igor K Handel // Mar 9, 2009, 12:31pm

Igor K Handel
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Thanks for all the feedback guys. Wasn't expecting as much interest so soon!

Spacekdet That made me laugh... very funny man :D

Steinie An Angel?... LOL


Don't know the first thing about designing web pages, hosting etc and haven't got any $$ to pay someone who has. Sounds like a sensible idea though.

Offering Training and videos... Absolutely thats a route I would be very interested in, the video medium is somewhat challenging to me at the minute... I spend so much time on the tech stuff I get no time left to make entertaining AND get the info across, something I enjoyed doing in RL non vid business workshops I was involved in years ago....Hmm Maybe I need a producer? A stylist, my own chauffeur... ok lets get these vids out the door before I get ahead of myself.

The quality of the current vid/audio series is not currently as high as Jacks oraganics vid, I'm still experimenting with the size/ format/ quality balance. At the minute 720 x 576? mp4 with mono voice comes in about 20-30mb for 10 min approx with passable clarity for viewing icons and the screen capture. Not crystal clear but passable. Open to suggestions. Not something I know much about, currently all seat of the pants experimenting.

Revver for example has 100mb limit per vid. Maybe I should post an example for feedback.

Ref.... Altogether now :) 1,2,3 ....Turbosquid :p,

yep as a download option this is good!! There is an rider to this though. A principle aim is streaming to save users the download (of the free series). Guess I am aiming for making the vids as easily accessable as an important goal.

If I get as far as commercial tuts then I need to start picking everyone's brains how to distribute etc, obviously at that point TurboSquid is right at the top of the list! I have absolutlely no doubt whatsoever guys in here will come to the rescue with that info/ help when the time comes (that's a unique quality of all the users on this forum, never ceases to amaze me!)

I guess a sensible option is to have both streaming and turbosquid download availability. All suggestions welcome.




PS am starting a general ...some ideas about tutorials "what if"..... discussion thread in roundtable if anyone interested to post on the subject.

Post by Libor // Mar 25, 2009, 9:44pm

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I think that clip tutorials are very good to show to users of trueSpace7.6 how to work. I have been using flash videos on my web page http://www.archcad.cz/truespace.htm I have been developing new tSX plugins for interiors, kitchens and bathrooms design. I am sorry, it is only in Czech language, but I think you can find some interesting video clips how to improve trueSpace7.6.

Libor Stolc

Post by mrbones // Mar 26, 2009, 10:27am

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Hi Ik,

I would suggest uploading your tutorials to the brand new TrueSpace Free You Tube Channel.:banana:


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