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Show Off - Beta testing! // Community

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Apr 11, 2000, 10:02pm
Hi all,

This Sunday, April 16th at 6PM VRT you are invited to the monthly
Community Show Off at AW Community Register's amphi in AWCC. Most of
this month's event will be dedicated to the ongoing AW 3.0 Beta testing,
and beta testers will share their experiences so far, and those who are
not testing (including me:) will get to know a little more about what
the virtual future will be like:)

Are you a beta tester, not afraid of climbing a stage?:) Contact me no
later than Friday if you want more info or would like to participate
with 5-10 minutes.

There will also be one or two community presentations like usual, and
this month the community related discussion will of course focus on the

Seat reservations are not required, but please be there sharp - the
event will last for one hour, only.

AW Community Register
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