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AW Balloon Fiesta

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Start Time
Oct 27, 2018, 12:00am VRT
3:00am 10:00pm (Oct 26)
End Time
Nov 17, 2018, 11:59pm VRT
2:59am (Nov 18) 9:59pm
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I'd Rather be Flying!!!
Can you all smell it in the fall air. The propane burners all filling hot air balloons once again in the AW fields as its time for the 2018 AW Balloon Fiesta to start soon.

AWReunion World at the Balloon Fiesta Park,
October 27th through November 17th for the full event.

3 weeks of building and practicing your skills around the world giving tours and trying the landing challenges.
The final week for Mass Ascensions daily and Fly~N~Vote, Flying your self in all the entries.

Mover Building class levels this year in Standard, Custom & AWPunk. Our own AW variation on Steampunk we do so well consisting of alternate power supply's and ways to fill or move your balloons or dirigibles.
Awards for Best in Class & Best Landing Challenge Score.
You may be the first to reach the top of the world...

Building, Learning, Flying, Landing, Partys, TGIF, Music, Fly~N~Vote, Mass Ascensions. Fun for the whole family.
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